Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Flush

Pictured above in what flowed out of the Pico-Kenter storm drain during the first flush on October 14th 2009. All the trash that had been building up in our storm drains over the summer hurdled into the ocean. Trash such as styrofoam and plastic water bottles will never biodegrade in the ocean. They will simply photo degrade into smaller and smaller pieces adding to the plastic soup that is the North Pacific Gyre. This needs to stop!

We were on high alert as the first rain began to fall in Santa Monica. We did not expect such a large flush so soon. Once we were alerted that the storm drain was flowing Devany, Raphael, Mr. Kay, Kou, Megan and Mel ran down to the beach at 8pm to film the devastation.

A thick layer of foam covered the surface of the stagnant pool of urban run-off.

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